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Balayage in Burton-on-Trent

Balayage remains one of the most popular hair colour trends around and the team at EGO Hair really are masters of the technique.

Balayage is a beautiful, low maintenance hair colour technique that can be used to accentuate any hairstyle and complement your skin tone and facial features. No wonder so many celebrities are rocking the look! You can find out more below…

Every balayage is different: Placement, gradation, and color is based on your hair color, texture, and length, so it can be personalised for you to highlight or soften facial features.

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What is balayage?

The word balayage comes from the French, meaning “to sweep” and it involves colour being swept or hand painted through your hair to create a bespoke, natural look. This free-hand technique means colour can be applied exactly where you want it for a subtler effect than that achieved with traditional foil highlights. This technique is essentially highlights of lighter and darker shades that are swept freehand with a brush onto sections of the hair, to give that naturally sun-kissed effect. The light and dark shades create a lasting intensity that wows any way you style it.

A good balayage is all about placement and blending. Having contrast between the light and dark tones is what creates natural looking, lived-in dimension.

How do I maintain my balayage colour?

The good news is that balayage is a great low-maintenance hair colour as your root regrowth will be less noticeable than with traditional foils. You can expect to see your colourist around every 12-14 weeks to maintain your balayage highlights. We’d also recommend a 6-weekly colour glossing or toner touch-up to freshen up your hair between appointments.

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Here at EGO Hair salon we have colour experts who would be happy to book you in for a colour consultation and get the right colour for you!  We offer a complimentary hair colour consultation to talk through your requirements and help you decide which colour service would be best for you  

Some balayage examples?

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